domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Comparison between universities.

University of Oxford.
Oxford is a university city Britisher located in Oxfordshire's county, in England, and is the home of the University of Oxford, the most ancient university in the world anglófono.
 He is known as " the city of the needles of dream ", expression coined by Matthew Arnold to describe the harmony in the architecture of the university buildings. Always it has been a matter of a lot of interest the occasionally tense relation between " the people and the academy ".

URBE University.
It is a university deprived of Maracaibo, State Zulia, Venezuela.
Founded by the current rector the Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina in 1989. It is a University located in Maracaibo. The university is founded on October 5, 1989 on honor to Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín, medical founder and rector of the same University. It initiates academic activities on March 26, 1990 with 567 students and 100 teachers concerning the powers of Engineering, Administrative Sciences and Sciences of the Computer science with the Schools of Engineering in Computation, Administration of Companies, Commercial and IT Administration.
On October 5, 1995, to 6 years of his creation there joins the Faculty of Juridical and Political Sciences with the School of Law and the Faculty of Administrative Sciences adds 2 new masters: Public Accountancy and Industrial Relations.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

I steal in the bank.

Modals to the exhibited graphs I can presume that a man I begin to the bank to steal and to take a great sum of money to him, then this one is handcuffed by the police and leads it to producing declarations on the criminal fact.

My neighborhood

I live in a closed urbanization it consists of 2 plants, 2 rooms, recreative Areas, permanent Vigilance, A court to enjoy outdoors, Playpark and hut in every set, educational Area for pre-school, Mall and spaces outdoors, Plazas, designs landscape in the green areas. Way the Lagunita.

Trend 2010.

One has come the cosmetic surgery popularizing between the teen population in the last years. Some of the procedures most requested by the patients of these ages are: Rinoplastia (surgery of the nose), liposuction, Reduction of breasts, Increase of breasts (mammary implants) and occasionally otoplastia (surgery of the ears).
 One has come the cosmetic surgery popularizing between the teen population in the last years. This does not want to say that all the teenagers are candidates for surrendering to a cosmetic surgery. In general the teenagers can be more inclined than the adults to false expectations be created. Nevertheless, each one must be considered to be an individual patient.

My routine.

I normally to costumbro to going to classes, and to do the such domestic tasks of the home as: to clean the powder, to sweep, to dry plates, to put the table, the services pay between them the invoice of telephone, light and water between others.
 Particularly I am accustomed in the evenings to do my activities pendentes of the university and to fix the knowledge given in classes of the same day.

Comparison of restaurant.

Restaurant buffet. It is possible to choose one itself a great variety of plates cooked and arranged for the self-service. Sometimes a fixed quantity and other times are paid for emaciated quantity (weight or types of plates). An example of the Viveres D'Candido.

Restaurants of discharge he cooks or gourmet. The food is of great quality and served the table. The order is "à la carte" or chosen between a "menu", by what the food is cooked to the moment. The cost goes in agreement to the service and the quality of the plates that it consumes. There exist young boys or waiters directed by a Maitre. The service, the decoration, the setting, food and drinks are carefully select.
 Since for example Da Vinci.